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If you have a cell phone, do not doubt to mention to your friends how much you love playing online games. As you know, online games are some of the most thrilling games you can play with your friends and family, but there is a downside – they are also addictive. Online gaming addiction is a real issue and is slowly becoming a serious problem. Online gaming addiction is a gateway drug for those who are addicted to gaming. It can be very dangerous for those who do not know how far their addiction to gaming will take them.

First-person shooter games have become incredibly popular in the past few years. First-person shooters are usually based around skill since they often require good eye movement, but there have been only a handful of longitudinal studies which primarily focus on how the effects of online gaming affect the non-gamers. Unfortunately, the results of these studies reveal that first-person shooter games can lead to an increase in the violence experienced by all gamers, particularly women and those young. This finding is quite troubling because it is clear that there is a link between games and violent behaviour, yet no one is connecting the dots between violent gaming and actual physical violence. If nothing else, it is good to know that current efforts are underway to increase safety settings for gamers.

In an age where more children play computer and video games, it is imperative that parents and other adults to supervise them when they play these games. It is important to recognize the potential for abuse when it comes to online gaming and other technology, such as smart phones. When adults are present in the home, they can better supervise their children’s use of technology.

Many parents are concerned about the effect of online gaming on young people’s attitudes towards sex and violence. In a recent study published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, it was found that students who played multiplayer online games were more likely to endorse casual sexual behaviours. The study looked at college-aged men and women and found that these same players had a stronger sense of entitlement and a more subjective sense of violence towards others. These same players also had a strong negative opinion of women and younger gamers. With these results in mind, it is clear that online games must be held with some caution.

In an age where so many children communicate through social media, it is easy to forget how important it is to have social interaction in the real world. Luckily, most people play multiplayer online games with friends, and rarely engage in conversations with strangers. Most players will either create a character to act as themselves or go head to head against another player within the same platform. Both methods of interacting with others can lead to unhealthy interactions and perceptions. Children who play games online need to be mindful that they are not always being as socially aware as they could be.

As more games are being released for free online gaming, there is a greater chance for younger players to gain access to this type of gaming and begin having these negative conversations. However, in a free online game, it is usually possible for parents or adults in their custody to control the actions of their child. In some free online gaming platforms, parental controls can even be set time limits on how long a player can play a game. This is important, as young children do not have the self control to make wise choices when under peer pressure.

Adults who participate in online gambling can benefit from playing these types of games as well. While they may not enjoy the same degree of thrill as that which is experienced by teens and younger children, they too can still derive some enjoyment from these online games. Some online gaming genres, especially poker and blackjack, are actually very popular among adults. Some online gaming platforms cater to both young and old players, allowing players to find a match based on their skill level.

Some players are even starting to become so addicted to online gaming that they now participate in tournaments with thousands of other gamers. These tournaments can become very fierce affairs, with players battling it out for the championship title. Some of the more popular online gaming franchises include X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox Live Arcade. Those interested in these types of video games can choose from any one of them and enjoy a long night of gaming at home, on the Internet, or at a local video game shop.

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