Ginger Escorts

Ginger Escorts

Ginger escorts are quite rare in the adult industry. Therefore, when you are a ginger escort, you are a very special and popular girl indeed! Ginger escorts have the characteristics of having almost orange hair, pale skin and freckles. They have the stereotype of having fiery tempers. However, depending on your definition, some ginger haired girls are also called Red heads. Escorts with Red hair, the colour varies from deep burgundy, bright copper, auburn, orange, red-orange or strawberry blonde. Stereotypically Red head escorts are hot! 

Studies show that ginger escorts have sensitivity to pain. Therefore, they do not make good ginger submissive escorts! Or a submissive role in BDsM is not suited to a ginger escort.  

Because ginger escorts are so rare, they tend to stand out more as they have a distinctive appearance. Therefore, escorts with ginger or red hair are more private and discrete for their own personal identity reasons. It’s not uncommon for a ginger escort to have her hair and face blurred on escort agency website photographs so she is not recognised. They also prefer not to go out in public on outcalls in their home town or cities. Usually ginger escorts or red-haired escorts will work in a different area to where they live.  

Of course, we are talking about ginger hair on a girl’s head. So, men are often delighted when they see a bush full of rare ginger public hair!  

They say, if you look into the eyes of a ginger escort for more than 10 seconds then you will fall in love. Red headed girls and girls with ginger hair are a rare blessing. Men are so happy to experience time with ginger escorts. According to Playboy magazine, “Redheads are like other women—only more so”. There is a common perception that the redheads and ginger gene could become extinct in 100 years. So, book a ginger escort today before it’s too late!

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