Brunette Escorts

Brunette Escorts

Brunette escorts are those who have brown hair. In the UK, men believe that a brunette escort will be more sophisticated, intelligent and professional than those with alternative coloured hair. A recent study into escort hair colour and the intensity of attraction found that 90% of clients preferred brunette escorts. Apparently escorts with brunette are more stable and competent. As well as independent and self-sufficient escorts. Top businessmen, gentlemen of status and celebrities prefer to book a brunette escort. They are very confident, level headed. Stereotypically they are very dignified when they are on a public outcall but extremely imaginative when it comes to sexual private time.  

Escorts with brown hair are so popular that there are even escort agencies who specialise in brunette escorts. These escort agencies will only represent girls who have brown hair!  According to a study conducted by a UK escort agency, escorts with brown hair had sex more frequently and with more clients than escorts with other hair colors did.  

Each brunette escort can have a different shade of brown hair. 50 shades of brown. From escorts with dark brown hair to light chestnut brown hair. So, if a client is specifically looking for an escort with a deep dark brown, that’s almost a black shade? It’s worth mentioning this to the escort agency when booking a brunette escort! Likewise, for a client who is specifically looking for an escort girl with light brown hair.  

Brunette escorts are often seen in rivalry or competition with blonde escorts. But it always escorts who are brunette who win the affections of a client. A brunette escort will also make more money in less time than any other type of escort. This is because she attracts the rich and wealthy clientele. Wealthy men believe that the attributes of a brunette escort are better suited to their needs. There are natural brunettes as well as those escort girls who wish to be like them and therefore dye their hair brown.

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