Blonde escorts

Blonde escorts

Here you can read all about our Blonde escorts!

Blonde escorts are known as being fun and bubbly to be around. They also have a stereotype as being a Barbie bimbo, but that certainly is not true in escorts who are blonde! There are certain criteria, abilities and attributes needed to be an escort regardless of the hair colour. So, an unintelligent blonde bimbo, wouldn’t get a job as an escort. Therefore, it is certain, that the stereotype for blonde escorts is not true!  

Blonde escorts can have natural or dyed hair. But either way having blonde hair can have a major impact an escorts income. So much so, that is the new fashion and money-making idea for escorts to go blonde. A blonde escort will make more money than one with alternative hair colours! That’s a fact! A study was conducted at an escort agency. 99% of clients who rang the phone staff for a description of their girls, booked a blonde escort. Another study was then conducted at the escort agency, where some girls who had other hair colours dyed their hair blonde. The escorts with blonde hair had a significant increase in clients, by over 70 %. That’s the same escorts, only now with blonde hair! Escorts who are described as being blonde certainly attract the initial attention of clients first. Particularly those with a pretty face are called a “blonde bombshell”. 

So why are escorts with blonde hair colour the most popular? Well first of all everyone knows worldwide the saying “Blonde escorts are more fun”. They have more confidence in their personalities and appearance. Blonde escorts are considered to be more approachable. And as blonde hair is associated with youthfulness, blonde escorts look younger. Blonde hair goes with everything an escort wears. From black leather, to pretty dresses, to sluttish red lingerie. An escort with natural or dyed blonde hair always looks better presented. This is a fashionably correct statement.

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