Black Haired Escorts

Black Haired Escorts

Black haired escorts have the darkest of hair colour. Black hair is common in Asian escorts, African escorts, Spanish escorts, Eastern European escorts and white British escorts. Infact, escorts of all ethnicity and backgrounds can have black hair. Black hair is the most common of hair colours for escorts.  

A recent survey was conducted at an escort agency. The question was to their male clients who booked girls with them. They were asked what colour hair they prefered when they booked an escort. Of the one thousand men who participated, 89.7% said that they preferred black hair. 

Many girls dye their hair black. The image of having jet black hair with a false tan is a very popular look with escorts around the UK. However, they incur a problem when trying to change their hair colour from black to a lighter hair colour. 

Escorts who have black hair can range in different styles. They can have short or long hair. Straight or curly hair. There has been an increase in escorts who wear wigs or hair pieces to change their hair colour to black. This means they can dramatically change their look and see it the black hair suits them. As mentioned before, “once you go black, it’s difficult to go back”. An escort who does infact suit jet black hair can then change her style with wigs. Without making a mistake to their natural hair colouring.  

Some black escorts have black afro textured hair. Different black ethnic escorts have differences in the density, growth rate and structure of their afro hair. It is popular for escorts who have black afro textured hair to braid or put in small tight plaits. This stops their black hair from looking full and frizzy. Clients who book black escorts love their black natural afro hair because it emphasizes their balck identity. Therefore are also many clients who specifically book black escorts who have black afro hair.  

Black haired escorts are the most popular girls in the adult industry.

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