Blue Haired Escorts

Blue Haired Escorts

Blue haired escorts do not a natural hair colour. However, it is now the most fashionable and sexiest hair dye colours for escorts in 2017. Blue hair dye, blue hair streaks and blue wigs and temporary blue hair sprays are all this year’s most popular escort type. Blue haired escorts have been getting a lot of attention lately and is now more popular than ever. For escorts who want to be noticed, it’s a new radical change for their hair. Blue hair isn’t just for cartoon characters anymore, escorts of all ages are trying out this bold hair trend. 

Blue haired escorts are associated with calm, peace and coolness. To have the courage to dye her hair blue, this escort will have a strong personality! On the outside she is a sweet, gentle girl but behind her good-girl façade she is an adventurous, free spirited adult entertainer.  Blue haired escorts also have the reputation of being very caring and selfless towards her clients who she cares about.  

The best thing about blue haired escorts is from morning to night they have an effortless accessory. They always look ready for some fun and action. A quick curl with hair tongs and she’s ready for a night out as a party escort. You want vampire roleplay, she’s ready. You want mermaid roleplay with watersports, she’s ready. Just remember, if you are a blue haired escort, no white towels. Its recommended that you bring your own dark towels to hotel outcalls.  

People used to make personal comments on a blue haired girl’s employability. Little did these people know that blue haired escorts are in high demand and are making more money per hour than any other job. It is recommended that men book an escort with blue hair before a new colour becomes fashionable. As we are sure you are aware, escorts with blue hair like to stand out from the rest of the escorts.

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